Caramelised Miso, Tonka beans, & intense decadence

Directly inspired by food, our head brewer Brett was blown away by a dish serving caramelised miso butter in our restaurant at Wild Beer Jessop House. Instantly he wanted to recreate this flavours in a beer.

An imperial stout was brewed with lactose, sea salt, caramelised miso paste and tonka beans, this is a whole new take on ‘a decadent stout’. A direct descendant, or rather an older relative, of our salted caramel chocolate stout Millionaire. Intense and velvety the umami character shines through in Billionaire where salinity and a lactose body is matched by the intense umami on the miso paste.

With a long, warming bear hug of a finish this is a beer to be sipped and savoured. 





  • Sweet Umami
  • Cocao
  • Intense Decadence

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