Black & Blue | 5%

The Rainbow Project 2016

Ideas flew back and forth across the equator centered around the colour Blue: using e numbers, icebergs, berries, potatoes, even a dye used in brewing which turns your pee blue (sadly poisonous...)! But in the end we went far more abstract and took the classic French black & blue steak as our inspiration.

Thus was born Black and Blue – a raw ale, un-hopped and un-boiled, fermented and aged in re-toasted bourbon casks for an extra charred flavour alongside brisk acidity from fermentation with our house cultures in barrels for over 6 months.

Every good steak needs a sauce to go with it so we introduced white, green and black peppercorns into the mash to accompany our raw ale.


  • Charcoal
  • Oaky
  • Smooth

MORE ABOUT Black & Blue


The essential counter-balance to sweetness


No. Come back. Sourness is delicious...


Ageing in oak barrels brings woody complexity to beers