Blubus Maximus | 5.5%

we have added a f*** ton of Blueberries...

This is the 3rd collaboration between Wild Beer Co and Beavertown , it's an opportunity to push our boundaries and this year it's a study of blueberries. 

We made a base beer out of spelt and buckwheat and in fused bay leaves to give some gentle spice, the beer has been fermented with the Wild Beer Co's own strain of wild yeasts. After fermentation we have added more than a ton of Blueberries.

A truely special beer, delightfully tart and fruity, a creation the only comes about through the spirit of collaboration. 


  • Sharp Blueberry
  • Earthy Bay

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Fruit flavours in beer can be as complex as those in wine


No. Come back. Sourness is delicious...


Cleanse your palate with clean, cool and refreshing flavours