Breakfast Of Champignons | 4.1%

Punny Bun mushrooms and cracked black pepper

We love all things wild and foraged at the Wild Beer Co and we are surrounded by a smorgasbord of various mushrooms in the Somerset countryside.

Fungi are at the heart of our brewery. Yeasts are micro fungi that do the hard work in making beer, we just feed them and put a roof over their microscopic heads. But it’s the amazing flavours and untameable nature of wild yeast strains that really excites us and when it came to pairing macro (mushrooms) with micro (yeasts) in a beer, it had to be The Penny Bun (aka, Porcini, or Ceps). Not just for the amazing nutty, earthy flavour, but because they are also untameable (mankind has so far been unable to cultivate them).





  • Mushroom Earthiness
  • Cracked Blacked Pepper
  • Toasted Oak

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