Chronos | 5.8%

Chronos is our first foudre aged lager.

With our ever-expanding foudre forest we decided to brew a lager directly into our biggest foudre, a 7000 litre wooden vessel.

Brettanomyces and lager yeast are polar opposites that share one thing in common – that time will improve their flavour. Combining out Wild take on beer with traditional lager methods adds a subtle complexity that accentuates the easy drinking nature of this beer. The presence of the Brettanonmyces in the aroma gives notes of overripe oranges and dry hay.

The Greek God Chronos is depicted as the personification of time. Fitting for its namesake, this beer was lagered for over a month in our oak foudre (recently delivered from a Napa Valley vineyard) producing a dry but delicate and rounded lager. As complex as it is refined - the embodiment of how time and gentle ageing can benefit flavour.



  • Over-ripe Orange
  • Hay
  • Sweet Malt



We love the Belgian style of Saison beers and its distinct dryness


Fruit flavours in beer can be as complex as those in wine


Cleanse your palate with clean, cool and refreshing flavours