Epic Saison | 5%

A transcontinental fusion of Belgian beer and feisty American hops

Epic by name, epic by nature. This Farmhouse Ale is a transcontinental fusion of Belgium’s eclectic beer culture and the feisty Sorachi Ace hops of North America, brought to life with by West Country artisanal brewing wizardry. 

Such a complex beer is a no-brainer for partnering with food — how about stir-fried lemon chicken where the bright citrus notes lift the dish? Or be brave and invite the beer’s spiciness onto the menu with chicken satay. 

On the nose, the hops deliver a big splash of tropical fruit, followed by ripples of well-seasoned spiciness. In the mouth a tangy, bittersweet fruitiness holds sway, while tangerines tap dance their way across the tongue in the finish.




  • Tropical
  • Spices
  • Zest

MORE ABOUT Epic Saison


One of the reasons we chose Westcombe Dairy as the home of Wild Beer Co. was our love of cheese.


We love the Belgian style of Saison beers and its distinct dryness


Cleanse your palate with clean, cool and refreshing flavours


Some of the most complex flavours that deliver intense finishes