Fruitbooter | 5.7%

Somerset raspberries at their ripest!

A blast of fruitiness, this is a foudre-fermented and -aged, pink peppercorn saison topped up with an acid drop of select barrels before being packed to the brim with the ripest Somerset raspberries. 

Starting as a pink peppercorn saison, Fruitbooter really comes into it’s own with the artful use of blending. Selecting a special few from our barrel library to enhance the flavour of the saison and boost it’s tartness to new heights. Then come the raspberries, as fresh and ripe as we could get them, straight from Somerset.

The acidic barrel additions and juicy raspberries make for a tart, jammy, mouthwatering beer.


  • Raspberries
  • Sour
  • Pepper

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