Indigo | 5%

Rainbow Project 2017 is here!

For this year’s Rainbow Project we are delighted to be paired with the amazing Side Project from Missouri. Their focus is to brew beers that have been aged in barrels and use proprietary yeast strains alongside locally sourced ingredients. We like them a lot… 

Our collaborative colour for 2017 is Indigo.

The first of two Rainbow Project collaborations we will release with Side Project (the other is squirrelled away maturing until next years release) Indigo embraces our Somerset terroir. Full of foraged fruits we created a midnight beer, blackberries, elderberries and juniper all from hedgerows around the brewery build on a saline base as we steeped the brew water with seaweed. Green peppercorns link the body building salinity and the dry, puckering fruits together for a midnight stroll across the palate.


  • Tart
  • Elderberries
  • Pepper



Fruit flavours in beer can be as complex as those in wine


Cleanse your palate with clean, cool and refreshing flavours


Some of the most complex flavours that deliver intense finishes