Ramboozle | 10.5%

Tonka Beans + Miso Paste + Rum Barrels

Taking a wilder stride beyond the big, bold, decadent Billionaire. The hefty, imperial stout, with it’s sea salt, tonka beans and caramalised miso paste has been aged. In rum barrels. For a year. 

Taste and flavour are our inspirations, as much in food as in drink. Brett tasted our caramalised miso butter at Jessop House and an idea was born. An oven of caramelisng miso here, a tincture of tonka bean there and Billionaire was born. It is great. And still we wanted to take it further. This is the first time we’ve aged beer in rum barrels. The first time we’ve aged Billionaire. On initial tasting, we can’t imagine aging it in anything else. Add touches of tanin and acidity to Billionaire and you’re Ramboozled!


  • Rum
  • Umami
  • Decadence

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