Redwood 2016 | 5.8%

Foraged fruits, wild yeasts and lots of barrels and blending.

The Redwood Project began in 2013 when we foraged the late summer fruits from hedgerows and farms around the brewery. These were then put into barrels where they rested for a full year with some of our wildest beer before being packaged. The first Redwood was released late in 2014 as an Autumnal foraged fruit beer. 

This is a progressive beer which will vary year to year based on the forgeable fruits available and how long they have spent in barrels before culminating in a crescendo of sweet fruits, roasted oak and vibrant acidity.

Imagine walking through the first fallen leaves, eating a handful of the last tart red berries of the summer with a whiff of mulled wine and bonfires in the crisp Autumn air - that's Redwood 2016.




  • Red Berries
  • Bright Sherbet
  • Lightly Toasted Oak

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