Rhubarber | 6%

Forced Yorkshire Rhubarb + Custard + Ginger

Inspired by our love of traditional rhubarb desserts, The Rhubarber combines rhubarb with one of its favourite friends - ginger. Stem root ginger balances the fresh fruit character, marrying with the rhubarb, adding warmth and a spicy complexity. Complimenting the ginger is a flurry of Tonka Beans to give a Rhubarber a dessert like decadence on the finish.

Grown in dark sheds and picked by candle light, Forced Rhubarb is renowned for its bright pink colour, and a flavour that retains all the sweetness with none of the tannic astringency of traditional field grown rhubarb. A lovely biscuit base is created by two toasted malts (Imperial & Amber), oats, wheat malt & brown sugar. 

Food Pairing:

The conception of this beer stemmed from our love of traditional English desserts and most of all a classic rhubarb crumble with custard. We de-constructed our own favourite recipe (after much painstaking tasting) to inspire the ingredients used in this beer. To counterbalance the bold flavours pair with a fresh piece of grilled mackerel - the tart rhubarb will cut through the fats and has long been this fishes best friend! 


  • Rhubarb
  • Vanilla
  • Custard

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