Rooting Around - Autumn | 4.6%

Autumn is in the air, it's time for a coconut and fig, caramelly brown ale

Rooting Around is a seasonal beer series for 2017 embracing our local terroir. Brewed for each season with foraged ingredients available to us at the time. Tying together seasonality and foraging is something we can really get behind at the Wild Beer co.

Rooting Around - Autumn, seeks to harness the flavour of Autumn with the helping hand of a fig tree. Toasty, roasted and nutty malt flavours perfectly capture the darker nights and crisp chill in the air. Fig fruits work perfectly with this malty backbone however the use of toasted fig leaves is the star ingredient. They impart a lightly toasted coconut character, which marries with the fig fruits and contrasts the tannic bite of the fig wood.


  • Coconut
  • Caramel
  • Fig

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