Rooting Around - Spring | 3%

The first season for our foraging series - Rooting Around

Rooting Around is a seasonal beer series for 2017 embracing our local terroir. Brewed for each season with foraged ingredients available to us at the time. Tying together seasonality and foraging is something we can really get behind at the Wild Beer co.

Spring is a time of growth, excitement and all things green. Revitalised trees are the essence of this time of year with fresh green shoots and leaves appearing in the Spring sun.

Here was our inspiration – alongside the modest hopping rates we added Beech and Linden leaves and branches to the low abv, session-able beer for unbeatable herbaceous aromas.

Rooting Around - Spring is a very light and delicate beer. The herbal Beech and Linden leaves, along with a gentle acidity and lean body, make it the perfect partner for meaty shellfish, particularly pan-fried scallops. 


  • Fresh
  • Light
  • Zippy and Green

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