Rubus Maximus | 5.8%

Returning for Christmas... A Wild Beer & Beavertown collaboration.

Raspberries, Long pepper, Wild Yeast & 9 Grains


We collaborate to learn, experiment and enjoy. With this beer we have explored new ideas, techniques, ingredients, combinations and processes.

The first Wild Beer Co / Beavertown collaboration took place in August 2013 and is still slowly ageing away at Beavertown Towers. This is the return collaboration, the evolution of ideas and the beer that answers the question...

Have you ever wondered what a ton of raspberries might taste like in a beer?

This time the beer has been brewed at Wild Beer HQ. We have used the same 9 grains that we used in our first collaboration; barley, wheat, oats, corn, rice, rye, buckwheat, quinoa & spelt. Long Pepper, a beautiful floral pepper seasons the beer wonderfully to compliment the huge raspberry fruitiness and to help the fermentation and tart flavours along we have added an oak barrel full of our spontaneously fermented sour beer.

A truly special beer, delightfully tart and fruity, a creation that only comes about through the spirit of collaboration.


  • Raspberry
  • Pepper
  • Dry
  • Tart

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