Smoke 'n' Barrels | 4%

Islay barrel-aged smoked blood orange Gose

Smoke ‘n’ Barrels was a seasonal series for 2016 focused around bringing smoke into the beers. Our favourite from the series was Summer which we have rebrewed as a 2017 special: a smoked, blood orange, barrel aged Gose.

The base beer containing smoked malt, developed in Islay Whisky barrels over many months, quietly gaining acidity and complexity. We then introduced home-smoked Cornish sea salt and smoked blood orange segments.

The resulting beer is full of juicy zestiness and mouthwatering acidity while the smoked sea salt provides a decadent mouth feel and salinity. Refreshing and complex in the same mouthful the vibrancy of the citrus contrasts the delicate sweet smoke from both cherry wood and oak.


  • Orange
  • Smoky
  • Salt

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