Spicy Crowd | 5%

Crowdfunding spicy pale ale

This in one of two beers we brewed to celebrate our first crowd-funding campaign through Crowdcube. Taking our ethos on beer production and with a focus on flavour, Spicy Crowd is inspired by the incredible spices of Thailand.

Brewed with the flavours found in Thai cuisine, we conceived a Pale Ale brimming with spices to compliment the hop profile of the beer. Galangal, kafir lime leaves, lemon-grass, birds eye chillies and Szechuan peppercorns all make an appearance. This is a beer to show what we do and why we do it - taking inspiration from one aspect of food and drink from around the world, de-construct it and reproducing the characters we like into a beer that you’ll love.



  • Fruity
  • Spicy
  • Fresh

MORE ABOUT Spicy Crowd


The essential counter-balance to sweetness


Fruit flavours in beer can be as complex as those in wine


Some of the most complex flavours that deliver intense finishes