Wild Goose Chase | 4.5%

Our tart gooseberry pale ale

The "all-day" wild beer, tart and fruity, but well-hopped and drinkable. We have been chasing this beer since we started the brewery and love this combination. 

Juicy, tart gooseberries and our own culture of wild yeast from local orchards give this a gentle acidity. Whilst a generous "dry-hop" of complementary hops enhance the fruitiness and give a light but moreish bitterness. 

An everyday sour that excites your palate without becoming taxing. The gooseberries added provide this refreshing kick along with blending in a small amount of our spontaneous beer ‘Somerset Wild’.




  • Tart
  • Gooseberries
  • Zingy

MORE ABOUT Wild Goose Chase


We love the Belgian style of Saison beers and its distinct dryness


Fruit flavours in beer can be as complex as those in wine


No. Come back. Sourness is delicious...