Yadokai | 13%

Sake-inspired, Yuzu, Sea buckthorn, and Seaweed

Our sake-inspired beer brewed with Sea Buckthorn, Sea Salt, Sea Weed (Kombu and Hijiki) and Yuzu juice. The result is a beautifully rounded, beer packed full of intensity and umami character! 

Yadokai was originally a mass collaboration with Black Friars and Hanging Bat in Edinburgh, Nanban in London and ourselves - bringing chefs, bars and breweries together to create something incredible. The result is a Sake-inspired beer brewed with Scottish and Japanese ingredients at our farmhouse brewery in Somerset!

Initially brewed to showcase at a series of food events in Edinburgh the popularity of this beer has seen it’s rebrew and re-release back into the market. This beer infamously became ‘Sick’ with Pedio in 2015.


Yadokai has so many elements to pair with from sharp yuzu to sweet alcohol to seaweed umami.






  • Umami
  • Sality
  • Sake



The essential counter-balance to sweetness

Sweet and Rich

Rich, complicated stouts are the perfect taste to end the night


We love the Belgian style of Saison beers and its distinct dryness