Collaborating is the ‘in thing’ in brewing at the moment.

Collaboration, not competition, is a nice motto to do business by. It’s a great way to share ideas with likeminded individuals, support local business, and ultimately benefit customers by creating products that might not have existed otherwise.

We regularly collaborate with other breweries (Good George, Burning Sky, Beavertown, Alechemy, Hawkshead, Fyne) but we’re also very excited about collaborating and learning from other industries and different food and drink producers and experts. We worked with a barista, a chocolatier and a vanillist (my name for him, not sure it's an official title!) to source the very best coffee, chocolate and vanilla for our Wildebeest beer. 

We firmly believe the quality of the ingredients going in to the beer directly shows through in the flavour of the finished product. 

The Chocolate Tart (Lisa Clarke) helped us identify the best way to get chocolate flavours into the beer and how to source the finest Valrhona cocoa nibs. 

Adam – who runs Tincan Coffee from his fleet of ancient Citroen vans – guided us through a variety of coffee's, with a particularly beautiful Columbian one taking centre stage, its delicious berry characteristics enhanced by similar notes from the cocoa nibs. We also wanted to find the right way to get vanilla character into the beer and tried a number of essences, extracts and pods. In the end, we scraped out 500 pods, or rather my mother did, and the smell was simply stunning.




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