Container Bar


Wild Beer on the road!

This Summer we decided it was time to step up our mobile bar game and built ourselves (with the help of Truro based Iso Spaces) a bar inside a 20ft shipping container!

By definition the Container Bar is shippable! So keep an eye out at events all over the UK for 14 lines of Wild Beer (and possibly sneak appearances of our Wild Beer Gins and Tonic) at your favourite music, sport, art and food festivals.

Utilitarian and practical the container can be dropped in almost anywhere (with a flat surface)to put it on) and dispense wonderful wild beers to you wonderful people. Also slick and beautiful with a mix of industrial and rustic design, solid copper and metalwork branding, it looks amazing in rural and urban settings.

You may have seen it at The Royal Bath and West Show, Liverpool Craft Beer Expo or Farm Fest in 2017, expect to see a lot more of it in 2018. 

If you'd like to get the Wild Beer Container Bar along to your own festival or event then fire a mail to




Wild Beer Whapping Wharf is thriving and we need an experience GM to join us to take it to the next level


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