Our hunt for fresh ingredients is a never-ending journey of discovery. A journey we never tire of.

A couple of times a year we go up to see our brilliant hop merchants Charles Faram to rub and sniff the new Northern and Southern Hemisphere hop harvests.

We discover new varieties or hops we might not have considered before as well as checking the particular idiosyncrasies of the freshest crop. The ever-helpful Will Rogers might suggest alternatives for beers we already brew or give us ideas for new beers in the pipeline. 

Fresh is a beer concept that came from one of these visits to Faram’s. After rubbing and smelling dozens of hops and finding all sorts of interesting aromas we try to pick out favourites to brew with. The idea of brewing with a number of different hops and changing the hop recipe on a regular basis allows us to try a huge variety and also helps us find new favourites for other beers. 

We work on the rough premise of using the Southern Hemisphere hops for six months, followed by the Northern Hemisphere harvest for six months, so that we’re always using the freshest hops available to get the biggest most exciting impact in the beer. Hence the name of the beer; FRESH.



Rooting Around Finale

Winter has come and so has the finale of 'Rooting Around'


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The Wild Beer co is founded on a love of wild yeast, barrel aging and sour beer.

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Rooting Around

Two things appeal to us greatly at The Wild Beer Co: foraging and seasonality.