New Cans!


Sexy new sleeves... For our beer.

With the installation of our brilliant (if terrifying) new canning line it felt like the right time to update our can branding.

Coming at you with a slick new look the reworked design of our classic hoppy beers tie in more closely to our icon brand logo.

Focusing on what makes Wild Beer, well, Wild Beer – we want to focus on flavour and the task of challenging people to change their perceptions of what beer is and how it can taste.

The simplistic logo embodies the duality of our production, juxtaposing the simplistic nature of cave drawing with the clean lines of modern design. Echoing our ethos of using modern and innovative ideas and process to create some of the oldest beer styles known.

Cans are great for eliminating the chance both light and oxygen have to get at our hoppy beers, their two worst enemies, providing a more pristine liquid for your enjoyment.

With all this excitement around our new canning line and our new canned packaging we have decided to celebrate by launching two new canned beers! Stay tuned for more info soon… 




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New Canning Line

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