The Art of the Blend


The Wild Beer co is founded on a love of wild yeast, barrel aging and sour beer.

The culmination of this is blending beers from barrels together to create something completely unique and truly Wild.

Inspired by Flanders Red style beer our flagship beer Modus Operandi takes all of these elements and is available year round. However our deepest inspiration in the realm of blending is the Belgian Gueuzeries – blending spontaneously fermented Lambic into something transcendent!

Each year we create a special slot in our production for The Blend. Gueuze inspired it is built from a shifting base of old barrel-aged sours between 1 and 4 years aging in a mixture of Burgundy, Bourbon and Whisky barrels.

We don’t put any rules on what can be combined and The Blend ‘17 has 9 different beers we have produced spread across 26 different barrels in it’s creation.

Over 100 barrels are tasted and slowly whittled down to that magic number of 26, disregarding style and focusing on flavour  - the best flavour we can produce from our barrel library at that time, for that time.

Whether it’s a year round staple like our flagship Modus Operandi or a one off special like the IMBC collaboration Strawbender (a blend of only 3 barrels plus a ruck ton of strawberries) we put a lot of faith and belief into our blending team in creating delicious flavour combinations for your enjoyment.



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