Life is good. Time to crack open a bottle of bubbly – Wild style.

We’ve had a lot of things to celebrate over the last couple of years, new babies, houses, business etc. So naturally, we wanted to make a beer that was something special, the perfect accompaniment to those landmark moments.

A homebrewed experiment to make an apple pie beer a couple of years ago – with 50% apple juice in the fermentation – didn’t work in the way we expected, but gave us a great idea for this beer. We’re surrounded by orchards and pastures and thought this beer should reflect the terroir, to be the epitome of the countryside where we brew. 

Ninkasi is brewed with 10% local apple juice, some beautiful Nelson Sauvin hops and 3 yeasts, making the beer very dry and effervescent. We always serve it ice cold from a champagne flute, and even use champagne yeast for a lovely fine-bubbled finish.

Fortunately Ninkasi is the perfect partner to our neighbours delicious Westcombe Cheddar, which makes us think we’ve got the feel of the terroir just right.



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