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We have two new & exciting job oportunities here at Wild!

Experienced Production Brewer & Packaging Operative

Please email all applications to: tori@wildbeerco.com

Interested? Check out each of the rolls below:

Job: Experienced Production Brewer

The Wild Beer Co is renown for producing some of the most interesting and experimental beers in the UK. We pride ourselves on keeping our quality curve ahead of our growth curve in a sole persuit for flavour!

Working at Wild Beer is a unique opportunity to expand on your brewing knowledge and to learn new, challenging brewing techniques. This will range from producing our freshest, hoppy pale ales to working with Wild yeasts that inoculate our beers ending up in barrels for years to come...

Work Wildly Different!


This role will be situated at Westcombe and will require you to be trained in both brewing and cellaring.
It will involve working within the brewing and cellaring team to ensure the production of wort, its fermentation, conditioning and finishing is in line with quality control and production targets, while maintaining high standards of cleanliness throughout the brewery at all times. The successful candidate will have a thorough understanding of the brewing process, equipment and techniques.

Duties & Responsibilities

• Wort production at both our Westcombe
• Fermentation management, monitor gravities, ensure fermentation profiles are adhered to
• Carry out daily brew house and cellaring duties
• Work with our barrel store, emptying, cleaning and filling barrels
• Arrange for all raw materials and equipment to be readily available to facilitate work
• Ensure beer is in specification for packaging
• Yeast Management - Perform yeast counts and cropping/pitching
• Carry out CIP’s on tanks, hoses and equipment
• Operate the Hopnik
• Operate the Centrifuge
• Measuring dissolved gases ( CO2s/DOs)
• Maintain accurate records and enter all relevant data into soft brew logs
• Assist the senior and Lead Brewer in project work where needed

Skills & Experience

• We are looking for someone with minimum 2 years’ experience in the beer industry
• Ability to work well in a team
• Positive and committed attitude
• Used to working flexibly to achieve business goals and keen to make improvements
• IBD General Certificate in Brewing, Brewing, Food Science or Chemical Engineering degree or equivalent
• Willingness to work unsocial hours (early/late shifts) and weekends as required

Job: Packaging Operative
The Packaging Operator will be working within the Packaging Team and assist with the day-to-day operations of the packaging processes. Working with state of the art machinery, a skilful thinker is required to package quality beers and maintain them in the optimum condition in which they were brewed.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Maintain a high level of Health and Safety at all times
• Prepare the bottling, canning and kegging areas for production at the start of each shift
• Maintain sterile filters through adequate cleaning and monitoring
• Run all machines throughout shifts, with rotation of workstations
• Assist with the changeover of machines between product sizes and pack types
• End of shift shutdown, CIP and sterilisation of both bottle, can and keg packaging lines
• Training towards Basic maintenance of the packaging equipment
• Adhere to SOP (standard operating procedures) to the satisfaction of the Packaging Manager and QA Manager.
• Ensure all production areas are well maintained and cleaned to the highest hygienic standards.
• Ensure that all finished goods packaging is of highest quality standards in terms of both quality and appearance, including meeting the commercial standards set out by the Packaging Manager and QA manager
• Ensuring the output of the bottling, canning and kegging line is consistent
• Working in conjunction with the Packaging Manager, continue to reduce beer and material losses, while improving line efficiencies

Skills & Experience:

• Experience with bottle filling, labelling or kegging is advantageous however not a prerequisite
• Ability to work well in a team
• Positive and committed attitude
• Strong listening and problem solving skills
• Good observation and communication skills
• Willingness to work unsocial hours (early/late shifts) and weekends as required



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