Ageing in oak barrels brings woody complexity to beers

The woody complexity of beers like Modus Operandi, is achieved by ageing the beer in oak barrels. With each batch we sample a number of barrels to identify the flavours that blend well. 

We pick up character from the wine and bourbon that was previously in the barrel. The brettanomyces yeasts love the porous nature of the wood to develop a slightly sour cherry flavour


  • Wood
  • Blends
  • Soured
  • Barrel


Beyond Modus IV | 8%

A triumph in blending, the epitome of our barrel library

Redwood 2017 | 5.7%

Foraged fruits, wild yeasts and lots of barrels and blending

The Blend 2017 | 4.9%

The epitome of our sour beer blending program