Using a mixed variety of smoking techniques has created some unique flavours

Our smoky flavours were exemplified by 2016's successful smoke 'n' barrels range of the four seasons. Each beer was created to exemplify each character of every season from the crisp feshness of spring to the harsness of winter.

We used a variety of smoking tecniques from smoking the malt at the mash stage to playing with smoking the herbs such as licorice and rosemary. We found this added a new level of depth that cuts beatifully through a rich sweetness. 



  • Smoke
  • Charred
  • Rich


Smoke 'n' Barrels 2018 | 7.4%

A fourdre aged beer that's been aged further in Islay Whiskey Barrels

Dr Todd | 9%

Spicy + Smoky + Honey + Ginger + Barrels

Smoke 'n' Barrels | 4%

Islay barrel-aged smoked blood orange Gose