Sweet and Rich

Rich, complicated stouts are the perfect taste to end the night

Beer doesn’t have to be created for refreshment only. Cocoa nibs and freshly roasted coffee beans create rich, complicated stouts, full of new stories for palate.

Then there’s the smooth caramel and bready sweetness, from traditional English malts; this can be used to balance the floral notes of aromatic New World hops and create the perfect beer.


  • Chocolate
  • Malty
  • Nutty
  • Caramel
  • Dried fruit


Yadokai | 13%

Barrel-Aged Yadokai | 13%

A barrel aged version of our sake inspired beer

Raconteur 3 Year | 9.9%

3 years soaked in our Marc de Bourgogne barrel

Wildebeest | 11%

Our Imperial espresso, chocolate, and vanilla stout

Billionaire |

Caramelised Miso, Tonka beans, & intense decadence

Ninkasi | 9%

A Celebration Beer, with apple juice, wild yeasts, NZ hops and champagne fermentation

Of The Sea | 7%

Lobsters, cockles, seaweed, sea salt, and sea herbs.

Smoke 'n' Barrels Autumn | 6%

Toffee apples by the bonfire...

Smoke 'n' Barrels Spring | 4.7%

Smoke infused larger... yes please!

POGO | 4.1%

Passion fruit, orange, guava, and yes more orange!

Millionaire | 4.7%

A Chocolate and Salted Caramel Milk Stout....

Modus Operandi | 7%

Barrel-aged and using a variety of yeasts; a study in patience

Gazillionaire | 4.7%

Like its brother 'millionaire' but with added vanilla and cardomom

Barrel Trinity | 10%

Ninkasi Premier Cru + Raconteur + Whiskebeest

Scarlet Fever | 4.8%

This uplifting beer raises a classic British style to new heights

Bliss | 6%

Apricots and a hush-hush blend of spices

Yankee Sandwich | 4.7%

Peanut butter, cocao, and milk!