Smoke 'n' Barrels 2018 | 7.4%

A fourdre aged beer that's been aged further in Islay Whiskey Barrels

Breakfast Of Champignons | 4.1%

Chanterelle mushrooms, Puy Lentils, Parsley & White Peppercorns

Beyond Modus IV | 8%

A triumph in blending, the epitome of our barrel library

Redwood 2017 | 5.7%

Foraged fruits, wild yeasts and lots of barrels and blending

Rooting Around - Autumn | 4.6%

Autumn is in the air, it's time for a coconut and fig, caramelly brown ale

Rooting Around - Spring | 3%

The first season for our foraging series - Rooting Around

Ninkasi | 9%

A Celebration Beer, with apple juice, wild yeasts, NZ hops and champagne fermentation

Bibble | 4.2%

Our everyday beer - Bibble: means to drink regularly here in Somerset!

Madness IPA | 6.8%

Our version of the 'West Coast' IPA - the beer that sparked a revolution

Shnoodlepip | 6.5%

An incredibly unusual beer made in collaboration with three brewers

Modus Operandi | 7%

Barrel-aged and using a variety of yeasts; a study in patience


Fermented with a locally harvested culture of yeasts and bacteria

Gazillionaire | 4.7%

Like its brother 'millionaire' but with added vanilla and cardomom

Epic Saison | 5%

A transcontinental fusion of Belgian beer and feisty American hops

Retired Beers

Since Wild Beer Co’s conception there are some beers we have had to retire in order to make way for the next generation. Due to our extensive list of limited special releases we felt it important to document those that are still in circulation but no longer in production.

These beers may have left the brewery but they are not forgotten.