Of The Sea | 7%

Lobsters, cockles, seaweed, sea salt, and sea herbs.

The Wild Beer Co was born from a love of wild fermentation and ingredients. Our beers are flavour focused, taking inspiration from a taste or ingredient rather than from a beer style.

One such idea has come from our love of shellfish - how can we emulate a lobster bisque. This inspiration came about from a brewery team ‘bisque off’ to see who’s was best and extended into an idea for a beer. So we set to the task of bringing the sea to your glass.

Shellfish in the form of cockles and lobsters, foraged Kombu and dulse seaweeds and sea herbs seasoned with Cornish sea salt, saffron and star anise. There is a briny hit and rich smoothness which accentuates the taste of the sea.

Each brewer ceremoniously cooked a lobster in the wort to make lobster rolls for a team lunch, the shells going back into the boil. Waste not want not!

To help recreate the consistency of a lobster bisque we utilized a lot of wheat in the grist giving a full body and smooth texture and frothy foam, like the sea.


  • Bisque
  • Star Anise
  • Sweet Salinity


Sweet and Rich

Rich, complicated stouts are the perfect taste to end the night


We love the Belgian style of Saison beers and its distinct dryness


Cleanse your palate with clean, cool and refreshing flavours